Add Food Rocket to the growing list of companies offering fast, on-demand food delivery. The startup, which launched its service in San Francisco, announced today that it has raised $ 2 million from AltaIR Capital, the Baring Vostok Fund, and Business Angels’ AngelsDeck group.

Food Rocket is similar to other emerging on-demand grocery delivery services like Gorillas and Fridge No More in that it operates small, “dark” stores just for delivery in different neighborhoods. Customers use the Food Rocket mobile app to order groceries or ready-made meals that are delivered within 10 to 15 minutes. Currently, Food Rocket is available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in 20 different neighborhoods of San Francisco, including SoMa, South Park, Mission Bay, Japantown, Hayes Valley, and more. There is no minimum order quantity and no shipping costs.

The fast delivery of food on demand in dark shops is becoming one of the big stories of 2021. In Europe in particular, a number of such startups have raised hundreds of millions in funding, including Getir, Glovo and the aforementioned gorillas. In the US, around the clock, Gopuff raised $ 1.5 billion for half-hour delivery, DoorDash is opening its own dark convenience stores, and Fridge No More and Gorillas are both now operating in NYC. All of these activities have put pressure on existing grocery delivery services like Instacart, which launched their own 30-minute delivery service in select cities this week.

For its part, Food Rocket really wants to take off this year. As it begins in San Francisco, the company plans to open 150 dark stores on the west coast, each of which can serve at least 25,000 homes.