San Francisco (KGO) – There was a bomb development for an elderly woman who was attacked while attempting carjacking in San Francisco earlier this year. Sources have told ABC7 news anchor Dion Lim that the prosecutor has withdrawn charges of a crime against one of the suspects.

Now the victim speaks through his son himself and reacts like the good Samaritan who saved her.

Relationship: Elderly woman arrested for carjacking in San Francisco

“It’s chopped and dry. I saw how they hit this old woman and let her fall over the concrete, ”says the good Samaritan, who does not want to be identified. He saw a 75-year-old victim return to her car on Safeway in the Richmond neighborhood, grab her hair, attempt carjacking during the day, and be dragged down the sidewalk.

In the March following the incident, he told ABC7 News, “I just broke the back window and it was noisy. It was so loud and scary that they were surprised. “

Several suspects were involved, including a minor who was arrested shortly thereafter and charged with robbery, mistreatment of the elderly, aggravating the attack and conspiracy.

Lim stated through multiple sources that the prosecutor had withdrawn all charges against the minor for lack of DNA evidence. It angered the good Samaritan.

“I was really in a position where I could lose my life … I wish we could see some kind of justice.”

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It also asked the victims themselves to provide this quote: “It is really pathetic. Give gloves to many thieves, do what they want and release them to enjoy the stolen money. Please give me. “

Lim asked the prosecutor to explain why the charges were withdrawn. Rachel Marshall, director of communications at Chesa Boudin, wrote back that “the discussion of questions relating to juvenile delinquency is prohibited by law,” which “confirms or denies the circumstances of the case.” Should not be interpreted as. “

Several high-ranking sources identified with Lim in the DA office have withdrawn their claims.

Sources in the DA office who have filed hundreds of cases have told Lim that, given the state of the evidence, it is illogical not to submit this case.

The evidence includes surveillance videos from various angles and descriptions of witnesses, including the Good Samaritan.

“I believe in restorative justice and I understand that Chesa has a model … but his method doesn’t work,” he says.

At the time of publication, Marshall did not respond to a request to clarify the office’s response to learn more about other suspects who were not minors.

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EXCLUSIVE: Assault charges, attempted carjacking of 75-year-old San Francisco woman outside Safeway, dropped Source link EXCLUSIVE: Assault charges, attempted carjacking of 75-year-old San Francisco woman outside Safeway