SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – A San Francisco family was robbed at gunpoint in their garage while their two children came home from a family dinner in the back seat.

It happened on 24th Street and Florida Avenue in the Mission just after 9:30 p.m. on Saturday

“We just pulled into the driveway,” said I-Team Maggie Wong Stephanie Sierra. “Everything happened within 50 seconds.”

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Wong’s husband Jason slept in the passenger seat. Maggie went to the trunk to get her things when a young man wearing a face mask walks into her garage and points a gun in her face.

“I freaked out and started shaking,” said Wong. “He said you must have a wallet, where is your wallet?”

Wong screamed when she saw the gun and quickly rummaged in her diaper bag to find her wallet.

“I gave it to him as soon as possible.”

Jason says he woke up from her scream and the gun is pointed through the window at his face.

“I opened the door and gave him $ 400 in cash because I was at the bank,” he said before the robber asked for his phone.

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Jason tried to close the garage door, which he says startled the runaway robber. The family was just grateful to be alive.

“It’s so sad that this is the San Francisco we live in,” said Wong. “Are we just going to keep living in fear?”

The Wongs are not alone.

According to SFPD, 953 robberies have been reported across the city since January. That’s a 14 percent drop from last year, but police say crime is picking up again.

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“We’re seeing these niches of crime growing in some areas,” said SFPD deputy chief David Lazar, who oversees patrol operations at 10 stations across the city.

According to Lazar, robberies are increasing in many areas, but particularly in Mission, Bayview and Tenderloin districts.

“We see robberies in densely populated areas when we are through this pandemic and the city becomes more and more populated,” said Lazar. “We see a lot more people here on weekends and there is more traffic at night.”

Lazar says the department is doing everything possible to increase patrols in high-traffic areas like Union Square.

“We’re really working on having high visible coverage at all times in the main corridors, downtown areas and areas where people come out after COVID,” he said.

However, the department is struggling with a staff shortage of around 200 officials. Wong fears it won’t change enough.

“Families are leaving town,” she said. “Now I understand why.”

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