San Jose (KPIX) – South Bay was the first to get a glimpse of the proposed BART underground station in Little Portugal, San Jose this week. A multi-level, tracked tunnel that is 86 feet underground.

And the loudest reaction on social media is that it’s too deep.

“I think this reaction is a symbol of unfamiliarity,” said Vernis Alanis, a spokeswoman for VTA.

A BART Silicon Valley tweeted earlier this week. The Mock Mock Mock has been laughed at by the Twitter world, and critics have said, “Journey to the Center of the Earth” as Mordor ..

Representation of the BART San Jose Station by the artist (cross section)

Alanis said BART’s current plan to install a tunnel at this depth took into account soil conditions, existing utilities, light rail and minimal surface disturbance.

The high-speed elevator ride from the platform to the floor takes about 1 minute or 90 seconds using the escalator. According to the BART fourth quarter 2020 report, station elevators were up 99% of the time and street level escalators were up 97% of the time.

For comparison, the SFMTA Mori no Oka Station (formerly known as Laguna Honda Station) is 70 feet below the surface. Passengers at the Embarcadero BART station must disembark 54 feet underground.

VTA’s Deep Station Fact Sheet lists other stations in the US with deeper subways.

  • Forest Glen, Maryland: 196 feet deep (accessible to all elevators)
  • Wheaton, Montgomery County, Maryland 35 m deep, accessible from all escalators
  • Rosslyn, Arlington, Virginia: 103 feet deep upstairs. Lower floor 117 feet deep
  • Bethesda, Maryland: 120 feet deep
  • Friendship Heights, Washington Metro: 30 meters deep
  • Seattle Beacon Hill Station: 160 feet deep, accessible by all elevators
  • University of Washington Station in Seattle: 100 feet deep
  • Roosevelt Station, Seattle: 80 feet deep
  • Washington Park Station, Portland, Oregon: 60 feet deep, accessible by all elevators

“For those who have used international public transportation, using the 75-, 80-, or 90-foot subway system is nothing special,” said Alanis.

“If you’ve used the BART station in downtown San Francisco, you know how long it will take to get in and out of the station, especially when it’s crowded.” Group.

Deeper descents can take longer trips and offend the driver, according to Griffiths.

“We can get the best finish and architecture, but if the station isn’t well designed and it’s easy to make connections, it’s not going to be useful to anyone. “Griffith said.

Regarding online irony and snark, “It’s a shame because this project was designed for the greater benefit of the community. This is an important project and an environmentally friendly alternative to driving alone. Probably, ”said Aranis.

Critics say the proposed underground BART station in San Jose is too deep – CBS San Francisco

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