SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – COVID-19 has paused 70 large conferences and hundreds of small conferences in San Francisco. However, if the city adopts the new state guidelines or their version, conferences and conventions can resume.

“This is a big step forward for an industry to start all over again.”

Joe D’Alessandro, President and CEO of San Francisco Travel, says the weekday meeting is needed to recharge the small business sector in San Francisco – and these guidelines are a good place to start.

“We want the numbers to go up a bit, for example 150 or 200 are small, especially if it’s a ballroom that can seat 5,000 people,” said Joe D’Alessandro. “But it’s a positive step forward and we hope San Francisco will soon embrace it.”

The new guidelines, if passed, could also mean reopening large and small event spaces such as 111 Minna Gallery, which has mostly done online art shows and artist interviews due to COVID.

“We have to open up and I miss our customers and I want our place to get up and go,” said Michelle Delaney. “I’m in no rush in the sense that I think we’re ready and comfortable for it. I think we need to take small steps.”

Delaney said she hopes the alley will open up to the open air and then, when more people are vaccinated, move inside. It is this type of caution that health professionals think is a good idea for everyone.

“For someone who is 40 years old, has no underlying medical conditions and is fully vaccinated, these are low risk situations. However, as you get older and risk factors accumulate, I think you need to exercise caution,” said Dr. George Rutherford from UCSF.

Again, health professionals say these guidelines include many good safety precautions, but just because something is open doesn’t mean it is right for everyone. Each individual has to judge it for himself.