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As Flad expands his computer design practice, we are hiring additional computer design specialists who are critical to the use and integration of our BIM and data analytics for our clients. This position will work with all Flad offices, support project teams and develop novel approaches to computer design applications.

These computational design team members are located on the west coast in San Francisco, California or Seattle, Washington, and in either Madison, WI or New York, NY.


Approximately 50% of the time is spent supporting projects with computational and generative design work. This contains:

  • Help develop geometrically complex designs such as facade systems, interiors and installations, as well as the total mass of the building with inputs such as daylight, maximizing views or traffic patterns.
  • Develop custom design tools based on specific projects for reuse in future projects.
  • Use computational design to quantify the cost impact of design changes on developer-led projects.
  • Whenever possible, simplify or automate repetitive tasks using generative design tools such as BOMA calculations, space sheet data, equipment plans, and SF program review.
  • Use Flad benchmarking data to collect and program rooms. Work with laboratory or health planners to develop design tools for planning purposes.

In about 40% of the cases, other employees are supported and instructed. This contains:

  • Work with the BIM team to develop and maintain Dynamo and Grasshopper packages for company-wide use.
  • Test and validate new generative design applications and plug-ins for compliance with Flad’s application ecosystem.
  • Work with teams to implement computational design processes and reflect on project work.
  • Teach members of the Grasshopper and Dynamo project team and how to create custom components with coding in Python or other languages.

About 10% of the time is spent on research and development, including:

  • Research and development time to develop new approaches, discover new tools, and leverage existing data.


  • Bachelor’s degree in architecture, engineering, construction or equivalent education and experience in the AEC / construction industry.

  • At least one year of design technology experience with a computer-specific background. Preferred three years.

  • Knowledge of Revit required.

  • Knowledge of computer-aided / generative design platforms such as Grasshopper and / or Dynamo required.

  • Experience building and deploying Rhino and Grasshopper plug-ins and writing custom Dynamo packages in Python is preferred.

  • Experience with MySQL and / or Google Firebase databases, the Forge API from Autodesk and AI is preferred.

Interested candidates should submit examples of code on GitHub or another repository along with their resume. Portfolios (up to 1MB) should be uploaded with a resume if there is no portfolio link.

Flad Architects is an equal opportunity employer. Flad offers everyone the same opportunities, regardless of race, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

If you require adequate accommodation to apply for a position, please contact Human Resources at 608-238-2661 or email [email protected]

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