Chef Chi Hang Ngai, also known as Chef Ken, is finally opening his own restaurant in San Francisco.

Ngai worked for Sushi Ran in Sausalito for 10 years and most recently for five years with Kusakabe, both jobs with head chef Mitsunori Kusakabe, before setting up his own restaurant Ken on Divisadero.

However, it wasn’t a straightforward path to opening.

“As soon as I told my chef that I had decided to open my restaurant, [it was] Not even a week and then the city, everything was just closed, “said Ngai of his decision to go into business for himself in spring 2020.

Ngai has had the keys to his restaurant for a few months, but he works like a take-away pop-up outside of the room for the most part. He set up an ordering system using a Google form to organize on-the-go orders and has been doing this since December.

Chef Chi Hang Ngai creates beautiful take-away sushi orders at his Ken restaurant in San Francisco.

Courtesy Ken

He works mostly on his own, creating beautiful boxes of sushi omakase to take away before moving on to other items like sashimi and chirashi, all of which have been artfully prepared and arranged. However, he prefers to make sushi so customers can eat right away and hopes to see customers at home soon.

“I think that is [what] All cooks want, right? In the final stage, they have to open their own [restaurant]”Said Ngai about his career.” … because I want to try something in my style. I wanna see how much I can do you know “

Ngai has plans to expand its menu even further. The focus will of course be on sushi, but the Chinese Ngai plans to include some Chinese ingredients or noodle techniques in new menu items, he said.

Kenlocated at 252 Divisadero St. in San Francisco. Check her Instagram account for a link to the latest menu options and order in advance at for the weekend.

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