SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – A driver recorded a video of a robbery in traffic in San Francisco.

The incident occurred around 4:30 p.m. on Friday.

The driver, Alex Mehregan, says he was about to pull into a driveway and head east on I-80. There he saw someone come out of a Honda Accord and smash a Prius window.

The thief grabbed a bag and drove off.

ABC7’s Dion Lim spoke to the victims of the robbery, a husband and wife who are from Iran. Ben says they are real estate photographers and they were shooting near Dolores Park.

ROBBED WHILE DRIVING: Ben & Masha, real estate photographers, noticed someone was following them near the driveway heading east on I-80

WATCH: Your window is broken and suspects take $ 7,000 of photographic equipment.

Tesla driver Alex captured everything on camera.

– Dion Lim (@DionLimTV) February 6, 2021

Ben, the driver of the Prius, says his wife Marsha noticed someone followed them after the shooting.

The couple say approximately $ 7,000 worth of camera equipment was stolen. They said they had never seen anything like it.

You filed a police report.

If you have any information about this incident, you can email the couple at [email protected]

We’ll have more with the witness and victim on the ABC7 news tonight.

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