Click or swipe through the slideshow above to see the most underrepresented dishes in SF, according to local chefs

For all of the different restaurants San Francisco has to offer, there are just a few foods that are hard to come by.

To pinpoint these elusive dishes, we reached out to the Bay Area chefs and asked what they think are among the most underrepresented kitchens in the SF food scene. While every chef has their own opinion, there were two that were most overlooked: Korean and Vietnamese staples.

“I’ll be obvious and say Korean food,” said Robin Song, head chef at The Vault. “Nothing will be as good as the abundance you see in the streets of Korea or in the huge blocks of mall to mall in LA.”

One of the dishes Song says had regularly in Los Angeles – besides Korean grilling – was a chilled, spicy buckwheat noodle dish with marinated skate wings, served with a bone broth called Yook Soo. Since working in San Francisco, he’s found a Bay Area restaurant that serves some of his favorite Korean dishes when he’s withdrawn. (We’ve added cooking tips and where to find them in the slideshow above).

For Song, that means going to Oakland’s Moo Bong Ri.

ā€œI recently discovered a new location in Oakland, Moo Bong Ri, on Telegraph. They have a few lesser-represented dishes, including the staple Korean black pudding. “

Which underrepresented dish do you think is still missing in San Francisco? Let us know in the comments.

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