Austin continues to gain ground, at least psychologically, in the San Francisco Bay Area and other US technology centers.

A new poll from Blind, an online community where professionals can share their opinions anonymously, ranks Austin as the liveliest tech community in the US. In the poll, 92 percent of Austin professionals said the city promotes an environment in which tech companies and technicians thrive.

Austin shows 85 percent for the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle and 83 percent for New York City in this poll category. The national average was 84 percent. A total of 1,085 Blind users took part in the survey.

The results of the survey feed into the continued portrayal of Austin’s rise as a tech heavyweight.

“Austin has built a sustained migration from Silicon Valley, where both startups and giant corporations are looking for less expensive space without losing any of the sunny lifestyles, into Silicon Valley [country’s] new tech hub, ”proclaims Mailchimp’s Courier publication.

Elsewhere in the blind poll, Austin ranked:

  • Second for tech networking after New York City.

  • Third for technology career opportunities beyond the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle.

In a post on his website, Austin entrepreneur Paul O’Brien, who previously lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, claims that technology isn’t the only catalyst for Austin’s growth.

“Technology continues to evolve, and it is indeed one of the reasons Austin is in increasing pain, but people are not leaving Silicon Valley to recreate it,” writes O’Brien. “What we are experiencing is the way technology plays a role in managing conflict, inefficiency and demand. Austin plays a unique role in the global economy, and the demand for what we do is not based on technology, but on who we really are and how we work. “