Dottie’s is in the Transgender District and frankly one of my favorite places. I live a block away and jazz music is always played softly at brunch. The gluten-free pancakes filled with raspberries are everything. I love the vibe! It’s on a corner on 6th Street. I think a lot of people who don’t know San Francisco might be intimidated by the Tenderloin and 6th Street, and you’ll see a lot in five minutes, honey! But that’s what makes it special. It takes some claim away.

This place is also on 6th Street and is owned by a strange man. We partnered with him for events in the trans community, including an art exhibition called Plurals, which was attended by all trans and non-binary artists and curators. And of course I love their coffee! The entire staff is always very nice.

Yvonne is a black woman from the Bayview neighborhood and her shortbread cookies … oh my god, they’re just a dream. she is so Sweet; Every time she gives me extra cookies. I recently learned that I am diabetic so I have to choose when to actually indulge myself. But their desserts are value the increased blood sugar!

This is a marketplace full of diverse vendors on the tenderloin that really gives priority to businesses like mom and pop businesses and entrepreneurship building. We are working with them to open a little cafe that will be opened by all the trans people. They have been so supportive of our work and the black, brown and trans entrepreneurs.

I am someone who likes to shop. And there’s this atelier in Bloomingdale, founded by a Senegalese woman, Diarra Bousso, who was a mathematician. She employs over 20 African women and her clothes are absolutely beautiful – her dresses, pant suits and kaftans are made so unique, and the story behind them makes them even more special.

I’m a sassy blonde and I feel just as famous for my hair as I do for my work. Glama-Rama is owned by a trans man and a queer woman and the team is amazing. The transgender district just partnered with them. In 2022, we will be giving scholarships to trans people who want to do cosmetology and they can do an apprenticeship at Glama-Rama.