SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – Long lines formed hours before food distribution began in South San Francisco on Friday, showing the need in the community.

The city of South San Francisco organized a food drive at the Mills Montessori School to feed hungry families in the city.

City officials have partnered with Second Harvest of Silicon Valley and HOPE Ministries to facilitate the food distribution event.

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Enough food was prepared for 750 families for two weeks for the trip. The city’s mayor wishes he could do more.

“You don’t realize how many people are in need until you see lines like this,” said longtime mayor of South San Francisco, Richard Garbarino. “We know you are suffering. We sympathize with you and do what we can to help you.”

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The residents of his city, who are unemployed and have little luck, appreciate the help.

“It’s really helpful because you know we’re not working and getting no help,” said resident Alex Castillo. “And that is sincerely very helpful to all churches.”

Four more food distribution events will be held in South San Francisco in May and June. Free food can be picked up from the Mills Montessori School on the second and fourth Friday of May and June from 10am to 12pm.

The school is located at 1400 Hillside Blvd., South San Francisco.

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