SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – San Francisco School District officials went on the defense on Wednesday and showed one of six schools being screened for face-to-face learning.

This is because the prosecutor is pursuing a lawsuit designed to force schools to open up to students again.

Officials from the San Francisco School District installed news cameras at Sunset Elementary School, one of six schools recently inspected by the San Francisco Health Department.

Lots of social distancing markings were on the floor, water fountains were covered with tape, classrooms have a maximum occupancy of 16 people, and the teacher’s desk is surrounded by a barrier with lots of PPE.

The other schools inspected are Alvarado, Cobb, Glen Park, Lawton, and John Muir Elementary.

The superintendent says efforts to reopen the schools safely will continue.

“We are now preparing additional school locations for inspections. To prepare our schools for reopening, we inspected the 15,000 windows in 1,600 classrooms, ”said Dr. Vincent Matthews.

While student desks are six feet apart, the children themselves are still a long way from coming back to study in person.

As part of the plan, a preliminary agreement was reached between the district and the unions.

It includes reopening schools if the city is on the red row, if teachers and staff have been vaccinated, or waiting until the city is in the orange tier to return without vaccinations.

SFUSD’s superintendent says the nature of the pandemic is why, despite being closed for nearly a year, there is still no date these classrooms will have kids.

“We don’t have a day that vaccines will be here, we don’t have a day that, as you know, we’re still in purple, so we don’t have an appointment to move the purple to red. You ask the date, we don’t set the date, it’s the virus that actually sets the date, “Matthews said.

There is still a lot to do with the union, such as what the school day will be, how many days of face-to-face study will be, or whether it will be full or half days.

They say they cannot reveal all the details of the negotiations, but we know they are meeting with the teachers’ union every day this week.

In the meantime, the city attorney’s lawsuit against the district and the school board continues.

He has filed an injunction to try to reopen schools. A court date has been set for March 22nd.