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Advantages of Solar Panel Installation

Oct 2

While it might be simple to choose to go solar but the process of buying solar panels may be a daunting task. It is essential to look at the cost efficiency and consult a reputable solar advisor. There is hope, Tampa Solar Company is a great choice. Tampa Solar Company can assist you make the best choice. Their solar experts are knowledgeable in every aspect of solar panel installation.

Tax credits

There are numerous tax credits available for solar panel installations in Tampa. These incentives help homeowners reduce their monthly energy expenses, however they also provide tax-exempt worth to their home. These incentives are also available for those who already have an existing mortgage. The monthly payment for a solar panel installation is typically less than the electric bill, and the typical rise in value is approximately four percent.

Florida residents also have the opportunity to benefit from the 30% federal tax credit offered through the Federal government. This tax credit will cover 30 percent of the total amount of the solar system. In addition, the State of Florida has excluded solar panel installations from the sales tax. The state also offers incentives to solar panel installations.

For instance, if you pay $30,000 for an installation for solar panel, you may get a $9,000 tax rebate and $3,000 for three-kW systems. If you're also an owner of a business, you can apply for expedited permits that will save you time and money. But, there are restrictions to be adhered to. To be eligible, you must have the building in your possession and be the principal occupant. The building shouldn't become available for purchase within one year following the completion of the installation.

Over the last couple of years, the price of solar panels has greatly reduced, which makes them much more affordable. Florida residents can also take advantage of financing options that make solar affordable. Another option that is popular could be to use the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program, which pays for the entire cost of solar system installation. This type of financing is repaid through your property tax bill, and can be added to other incentives to lower the cost of your monthly payments.

If you own an installation of solar panels in Tampa, you can make use of net meters. Net metering is a process that allows the extra energy produced by your solar system is charged to your utility. If you're a commercial business it is possible to utilize the solar panels to reduce your building's peak hours energy consumption. You can then switch back to the power grid when the utility costs are lower. Net metering can be accessed through Tampa Electric.

Exclusive of Florida sales tax

In Florida where you have an enterprise, you might be required to pay sales tax. However, there are some products you can purchase which are exempt from tax. For example, books intended for children are exempt from sales tax. The Florida Department of Revenue defines books for children as books that are twelve years old or younger. Similar applies to audiobooks on CD or tape. Prayer books, Bibles, and schoolbooks are exempt from Florida sales tax.

Custom software is also exempt from Florida sales tax. The Department of Revenue does not consider software that you create to be tangible personal property. However, the software that you sell has to be supported by documentation. This means that you must provide documents that are sufficient to claim the tax deduction. The tax exemption is available for exemption in the event that you are a Florida resident.

As an owner of a business, you have to manage the taxes you collect from your customers. If you don't, it can cause penalties and interest costs. So, it's crucial that you properly manage the sales tax you get from your customers. And, don't forget to prepare your tax returns on deadline - which is the 20th day following the purchase.

In addition to the sales tax, Florida also provides some exemptions to businesses and manufacturers. For instance, new machinery and equipment is exempted from Florida sales tax if the owner has a sales tax exemption for the item. This is also true for parts and labor that are used in the manufacturing process. If the item is not utilized in manufacturing, the government could still impose a percentage of the sales tax.


The federal government provides a generous tax credit for solar panel installation in Tampa. This credit could offset up to 26 percent of the overall cost of your solar energy system. You can also roll-over the credit into the following tax year. In Tampa you could be eligible for this tax incentive if you install solar panels to your property or at work.

Tampa is an excellent place to install solar panels because of the warm Florida sun. Tax incentives for solar make it an attractive alternative for both businesses and homes and can be paid off in as little as 5 years. However, the payback period will vary based on your utility rates as well as the type of solar technology you select and the correct installation.

Net metering can be another incentive for solar panel installations in Florida. This method lets you export any excess power that you generate to the grid. In return the electric company will provide you with an amount of credit on your bill. The amount of credit you get will depend on your solar panel system size and the power you use.

If you own a property in Tampa and are interested in the installation of solar panels it is recommended to consult an experienced solar installer local to discuss the benefits available. Most of them provide an incentive to tax solar panels. This tax credit can save you as much as 26 percent of the total cost of your PV system. However, you must be aware that the tax credit will expire in 2022.

Net metering is an additional incentive for solar panels in Tampa. This provision is offered by the majority of utilities, and permits you to sell excess electric energy to the grid. This means that the power you generate through your solar system will help you pay back the energy bill quicker.


You may be wondering how to lower the cost to install solar panels Tampa. While costs can vary depending on the size and kind of system you're looking for but there are some steps are you able to do that will make your process more affordable. For example, you can make the whole device more efficient by reducing the amount of electricity that you consume. You may also make use of governmental incentives and solar rebates to lower the cost. A Tampa solar installation firm like Blue Pacific Solar is here to assist you in achieving your goal of achieving total home efficiency.

If you're located in the Tampa area, the cost installing solar panels is likely to be between $4,014 and $5,166. Florida is one of the states with lowest prices across the nation for these kinds of systems. You'll need a permit to employ a licensed and insured solar installation contractor.

Solar insolation in Tampa is measured in kilowatt hours per square meter for a day. Solar installers base their prices on the amount of hours of sunlight your home gets on any day. Based on this data they determine the best angle to install solar panels in Tampa. The ideal configuration for your panels would be 28 degrees higher than horizontal, facing due south. This will allow you to have the most production year-round.

Net metering lets you feed excess solar power back into the grid, which helps you save energy costs. In Tampa the electricity costs are the highest during the day and installing solar panels in these times could reduce your power bill to an absolute minimum. Tampa Electric can even help you with net metering requirements.

The grid is tied to a backup battery

A grid-tied solar panel in Tampa equipped with batteries for backup lets you utilize solar energy as a backup power while remaining connected to the grid to provide energy. Grid-tied solar systems allow you to benefit from net metering. This allows users to sell surplus power back to power companies. Net metering programs can save you money by reducing your power bills.

In Tampa, 90% of the systems are grid-tied. These systems employ net metering in order to save excess solar energy and then return it to the power provider when the sun sets. This lets the system create credits in the months of low usage and bring them forward to the high-use times in summer. Grid tied systems can be less expensive to install and have more rapid return on investment. That's why many clients choose to get a grid-tied solar panel first and add the battery backup later.

Grid-tied solar panel in Tampa with an additional battery could help you save money on energy. Solar panels generate DC energy, which is different in comparison to AC current. To get the most power by a solar panel in Tampa you need to make use of all of the solar energy available, which is six hours long.

Florida Power and Light does offer rebates on grid-tied systems, but the utility company has invested heavily in solar. In 2016, it installed three solar arrays that weighed 74.5 megawatts each capable of powering 15,000 homes. In the year 2030, the company hopes to put up thirty million solar panels across Florida. Therefore, a battery backup is an essential feature in the system that is dependent heavily on the grid of FPL.

The cost of grid-tied solar panels varies widely from house to house. A six-kW system will typically cost around $18,000. A 1.9-kW system costs around $7,000.

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