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Pinup Studio - A Curly Hair Style For Raleigh

Oct 1

If you're looking for a curly hair style in the Raleigh region, you've found the right spot. Pinup Studio provides a judgment-free environment where you can enjoy a wide range of hair-related services. The hair stylists in the studio are dedicated to constantly studying and improving their skills. You can also make an appointment by contacting us online!

Pinup Studio is owned by Christina Kirkey Taylor

The Pinup Studio is a judgment-free area where all women are welcomed. There are many services available to help clients get the look they've always wanted. Pinup Studio artists are dedicated to learning and improving their art. Customers can even make requests for services via the internet.

Pinup Studio offers hair services for all types of hair. The skilled stylists at Pinup Studio can make almost any style you want. The studio also has affordable prices, which makes it an ideal choice for brides with a limited budget. The stylists are well-trained and have a solid understanding of what they do. Christina Kirkey Taylor is a Raleigh native who started her cosmetology career while going to makeup school. Her father encouraged her to enter the field, and she credits him with that.

Taylor was a child who loved hair and makeup. With a love of hair and school, she graduated from high school in the early morning and then went straight to Paul Mitchell. She discovered her love for cosmetology while attending Paul Mitchell. Her father, also the salon's owner, was a big fan.

Taylor's business started to expand and she was looking for stylists to work with her. After a couple of years she decided to open her own salon, and she quickly discovered the perfect team. The salon was staffed by 13 stylists in two months, and was able to renovate and open her salon in two months. Online services are now accessible, so customers can choose the time and location which is most suitable for them.

Pinup Studio offers many hair services.

If you're fed up with your hair frizzy and searching for a salon that is specialized in natural and curly hair, then you'll locate the ideal location at Pinup Studio in Raleigh, NC. Pinup's stylists are enthusiastic and experienced. Pinup stylists are skilled in creating the perfect hairstyle for every occasion , using special techniques with natural and curly hair.

Pinup Studio offers many curly hair services including hair extensions. The team has years of experience and are committed to making every customer look their best. You can choose natural-looking or more colorful, flashy look The team can customise the extensions to fit your personality.

Pinup Studio is an area that doesn't discriminate

The Pinup Studio is the perfect salon if you are looking for a place that welcomes all women, regardless of their ethnicity. The Pinup Studio offers a variety of services including bridal hair and bridal makeup. The staff of the salon is friendly and professional. They specialize in different styles and are committed to learning and enhancing their skills. Salon is located at 2300 S. Tryon Street in Raleigh, NC.

Pinup Studio is a Raleigh-based company that specializes in bridal makeup and hair. They have a wide selection of wigs and packages for bridal hair. The studio's Facebook page also offers information about products and services. Christina Kirkey Taylor, a Raleigh native is the proprietor. She grew up with makeup and hair. After graduating from high school, she studied cosmetology before deciding to start her salon of her own.

Pinup Studio in Raleigh is an unprejudiced hair salon that welcomes women of all ages. They are dedicated to improving their craft and want to serve women from every walk of life. Pinup Studio also offers a variety of services at affordable costs.

Pinup Studio offers bridal makeovers. Pinup Studio strives to make every bride feel gorgeous. They also offer basic color adjustments and trimmings. The salon is a safe zone for curly hair.

Pinup Studio is a makeover specialist

Pinup Studio, a Raleigh-based hair and make-up salon provides full-service. The artists' team is comprised of full-time employees as well as freelance artists. The studio offers a range of services, such as wedding consultations and trial services. Christina Kirkey Taylor, who is the studio's founder was raised with a love for the arts, and then decided to study cosmetology. She then completed her studies at Paul Mitchell's school. Paul Mitchell school and began her career.

Pinup Studio offers a safe space that is free of judgments for its clients. Its stylists are always improving their abilities. Customers can easily book services online, or by phone, and schedule appointments. Pinup Studio is an open-minded hair salon that enables clients to get unique hairstyles. They have a passion for their work and are determined to keep themselves at the forefront of the industry.

Pinup Studio offers many services for curly hair. They can create any look you'd like, from traditional to vintage. Brittany Castaneda and Jessica Saint are masters at creating hairstyles inspired by vintage. In addition, the salon provides full-service makeup to finish the look.

Pinup Studio provides a wide variety of services and products for women and provides safe payment options. The website is easy to use and offers a lot of helpful information. Customers can schedule appointments online and enjoy free shipping.

Pinup Studio offers online beauty services

Pinup Studio provides affordable beauty services on the internet that you can use if you have always longed for a curly hairstyle. The salon is accessible to women of all ages , and is non-judgmental. Their stylists are always working to improve their skills. Pinup Studio offers a variety of beauty services, including highlights and curling.

High-quality services are offered by the salon on the internet like hair styling, hair coloring and extensions. It also offers the ability to texturize for a truly customized experience. Erin, who is the founder of the company was the first to launch it. She helps the community by organizing events for children to get their hair styled and in-home styling.

The services offered online by the company are provided by licensed hair extensions experts and lash technicians. You can book your appointment at a time that suits you. The team also offers beautiful gift cards to customers who avail their services. Curly hair is a natural beauty that is best accentuated with the correct hairstyle.

7400 Six Forks Rd # 7, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States