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How to Make Homemade Pet Carpet Cleaning Solution

Sep 25

How to Make Homemade Pet Carpet Cleaning Solution

Make Homemade Pet Carpet Cleaning Solution

Luckily, there are several ingredients in your kitchen that can make your own Pet Carpet Cleaning Solution. These ingredients include baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and white vinegar. You can also use Volcano Spray. Just be sure to read the instructions carefully. These solutions will leave your carpet looking and smelling great.

Volcano Spray

Pets can leave behind a mess that makes regular carpet cleaning a hassle. Fortunately, there are several effective pet stain removal products. These natural products can be used on your pet's messes, as well as on stains from clothing and other surfaces. Baking soda and vinegar have deodorizing properties that can help you remove smelly pet messes.

The Volcano Spray works by utilizing the same basic chemistry that you learned in grade school: vinegar and baking soda. The vinegar will break up any sticky mess while the baking soda will remove odors. The spray also helps you get rid of solid residue after a fecal accident. Simply combine the two ingredients in a clean spray bottle and spray away!

Baking soda

One of the best ways to clean pet carpets is with a homemade solution. A mixture of baking soda and distilled white vinegar works well on carpets. The baking soda can soak up odors and dirt without leaving any weird residue. The baking soda will not damage the carpets and pets, and it is safe to use. However, if you are looking for a powerful carpet cleaning solution that will kill bacteria and disinfect the carpet, steam cleaning is the way to go.

To use baking soda as a homemade pet carpet cleaning solution, you need to mix a cup of the substance with a gallon of hot water. The mixture should be left on the carpet over night or the next day, and the baking soda will work to remove stains and odors. Once the baking soda has dried, use a vacuum cleaner with a fine-particle attachment to remove the solution. The baking soda will absorb liquids and stains from the carpet and also deodorize it. While it is safe to use on carpets, it can damage underlay or flooring, so it is important to follow manufacturer instructions.

White vinegar

When it comes to cleaning pet carpets, vinegar can be a great solution. Not only does it remove pet stains, but it can also be used to remove food stains. The solution can be purchased at a big box store or even from Costco for under four dollars.

The vinegar can also remove dried dog urine. You may need to apply a bit of elbow grease, but the vinegar solution should do the trick. Once you've done that, blot the area and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also sprinkle baking soda on the area to absorb any remaining odor.

Besides vinegar, baking soda can also be used to remove pet stains. You can also mix baking soda with vinegar. This solution can be used on carpets if pet urine is a non-greasy stain.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best solutions for removing pet stains and odors from carpet. It is cheap and easy to use. It can be made at home by combining brown sugar, orange peels, and water. Shake it well to combine, then apply it to a stain. It can sit for up to three months, removing stains and odors.

Before using hydrogen peroxide, test it on a piece of carpet to ensure its suitability for your carpet. It is best to use a small sample before applying it to a large area. If possible, try the solution on a hidden area such as behind furniture.

Lavender essential oil

Dogs have a very high sense of smell, about 1000 times better than humans. The scent of a flower or fragrance may be very delicate for a human, but your pet may have an adverse reaction to it. To avoid any allergic reactions, dilute lavender essential oil. You can also use Helichrysum oil, which is from the sunflower family, but it has the potential to cause bleeding disorders.

Lavender essential oil is a natural deodorizer. It works by absorbing odors and lifting dirt from your carpet. Mix one part of lavender oil with one part baking soda. Let this solution sit for at least 20 minutes before vacuuming the carpet. Once the carpet has dried, you can apply the lavender mixture to it with a soft bristle brush.