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 24/7 Bondsman : Greensboro, NC Find The Best One!

May 14

Are you in search of a bail bondsman near Greensboro, NC Find the best one! 24/7 Bondsman offers fast, affordable bail bonds to residents of Greensboro and the surrounding areas.

We understand that when someone is detained time is of the critical importance. We work quickly to help your loved ones get out of prison and back returning home.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond provides a financial assurance that the accused will appear in court. The bail bond company pays the full amount of the bond to the court if the defendant fails to show up on the court date.

What is the Cost of a Bail Bond Cost?

A bail bond is charged an amount that is a fraction of the total amount of bail set by the judge. For instance the case where your loved one's bail was set at $5000, the cost of bail bonds would be $500.

We at 24 Hour Bondsman We understand that not everyone has $500 just lying around. We offer financing options and accept major credit cards. We're here to make it as easy as possible for you, your family and family members to get out of jail.

What happens if The Person I Bailed Out Skips the Town?

If the person you bail out of court fails to appear on time and is not present, the judge could issue a warrant for their arrest. The bail bond company will employ a bounty hunter in search of the accused and take them back to the custody of the court.

If the bounty hunter succeeds in finding the accused, the bounty company will return their funds. However, if the bounty hunter fails the bail bond firm will lose their money and you'll be held accountable for the entire amount of the bond.

What Does the Bail Bond Cost?

A bail bond will cost 15 percent of the bail amount. If the bail amount is $1000, the bond agent would need to be compensated $150.

While it may appear to be a large sum however, you will only need to pay the bondsman if they show up on the date of their court appearance. There is no obligation to the bondsman should they not appear.

A bail bond is less than paying the full bail amount, in most instances.

What is the best time to contact A Bail Bondsman?

It is recommended to contact a bail bondsman immediately after your arrest.

The sooner you contact the bail bondsman, the faster they will begin working on getting the suspect out of the jail. Sometimes, the accused may be be released on their own recognizance. This means they won't need to pay the bail amount.

If you're not able to make bail payments on your own or you don't have enough cash to cover the entire amount, a bail bond is usually the best choice. When a bail bond business agrees to post bail, they will typically require collateral.

This collateral can be in the form of property or cash and it is used to make sure you appear on your court date.


We'd like to close this article by saying that if are in need of bail do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you or someone you love out of jail as swiftly and cost-effectively as is possible.

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