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The Top 2 St. Louis Basement Remodeling Teams

Mar 12

They are among the top two basement remodeling professionals in St Louis.


  1. Valor Home Services is ready to help you with your next basement remodeling project. Our knowledgeable team of experts knows everything about basement remodeling St Louis. We're here to assist anyone, whether you're a working parent or a stay-at-home parent. We guarantee to give you an honest and speedy estimate within a few days of your initial contact. Our team can provide luxurious finished basements and, therefore, whether you're looking for an impressive entertainment space or a spacious extra bedroom, we got your back.
    There's plenty of potential to be gained from an unfinished basement. The basement could be used as a relaxing area for family members and friends or as a home for students at college who aren't moving out. What ever you decide renovating your basements is likely to be among the most gratifying home improvements you could undertake that will increase the worth of your home. Valor Home Services is here to make your visions come true. Our experts are here to assist you with the planning, design and implement your basement remodel St Louis project.
    The project may include painting walls, adding flooring, plumbing, or any other work in carpentry you wish. Our team of designers and remodelers will meet with you to discuss your ideas and assist you to design the details to transform your basement into a reality. We offer a wide range of discounts on basement renovations throughout the year. So what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with the team now. Check out the details below for our location and contact details.

  2. Metro East Home Repair is your ideal choice when it comes to Basement Remodeling. Do not let your options be limited when it comes to your basement renovation. Find the top basement finishing St Louis professionals in your area today. A lot of homeowners have encountered contractors that provide low-quality work, never show up at the scheduled time, don't answer their questions or do not complete the work. The resulting anxiety leads homeowners to do their basements themselves. And while the task can be done by you but DIY projects typically create more stress and large price tags.
    You want to make sure that the contractor you're taking a look at has the proper legal and insurance. How do you find out whether your contractor is insured? Inquiring about your contractor in advance is an ideal idea. We recommend asking your contractor ahead of time if they are unable to give you that information or if their responses are unclear. Metro East Home Repair contractors will help you locate basement finishing St Louis specialists. They are licensed, insured, and certified. Check out the details below for the address and contact details.

It doesn't matter if you select Valor Home Services or Metro East Home Repair, you are then required to discuss with them and discuss everything you would like and need to do with your remodel. After that, you will get the cost breakdown as well as a schedule. You can now begin your basement renovation.


Our Basement Remodeling Saint Louis Professionals Provide the Top


Every homeowner wants the top basement remodel. They are not wrong. Everyone doesn't want poor quality or stressful situations. It can be difficult to identify the most effective team for the job. This is where our team steps in. Our team is among the top basement remodeling Saint Louis specialists. We try to make every customer's experience comfortable and enjoyable.


How can we help you relax? Our principle is "Service prior to Self" This means that we first think about you before we think about ourselves. We make it our priority to offer you top-quality work, budget accountability, and better communication. Here's how we do it.


Each employee, including the basement renovation Saint Louis team members is an expert in his or her subject. We constantly train them to stay at the top of their game. We are completely honest with our customers. We will give you a an estimate of cost prior to when we begin your project. In most cases, the cost is not subject to change, however, if unanticipated expenses arise, we will tell you straight away and show you where you would like to move from there. We understand how important communication is for you. From the moment you approve the estimate, we will regularly communicate with you on everything and anything. We will send messages to you during work hours. As we work to create the home you deserve we want to put you at peace.

Valor Home Services

Address:  5000 IL-15 Freeburg, IL 62243

Phone:  (618) 484-9807

Email:  [email protected]

Metro East Home Repair

Address:  1103 Lebanon Ave. Belleville IL 62221

Phone:  855-926-0176