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What firewood types should I use?

Nov 25

What firewood types should I use?

What type of firewood should be used to light a fire? Each wood species has its own characteristics in terms of burning. There are many options. Here is a listing of some of the most common firewood options.


Oak is a common hardwood species. However, oak must be seasoned at least for two years before being used. Oak loses its long-burning qualities if it is not properly seasoned.


Properly seasoned oak makes a great choice as it produces little smoke and sparks. Oak can also burn very intensely for long time periods. It is also an excellent choice for wood-burning fireplaces.



Ash gives off a steady, consistent glow. Ash is easy-to-split, heats well, and has a very low odor. Because of its low spark emission, this wood can be used indoors in fire pits.


This wood is very low in moisture. This wood is less time-consuming to harvest and more affordable than other hardwoods.



Cherry wood is highly valued for furniture-making, so it may be difficult to get firewood from this type of wood.

Cherry firewood in Tuscon is an excellent choice. It is very fragrant and produces little smoke. Cherry wood is ready for use as firewood after a year.


Cherry wood won't burn with a very intense flame. It can still generate enough heat to heat an entire room.



Hawthorn takes a lot of effort to split, but it's easy to lighten with very high heat and very little smoke. Hawthorn makes a great firewood choice if you live somewhere very cold.

These trees are closely related to cherry, pear, and apple trees and share many of their positive attributes. It is dense, tough, and fine-textured.



The hazel tree produces delicious nuts. However, the flexible wood of the tree can be used to make garden furniture, stakes, and hurdles.


It is very easy to split hazelwood. Also, it burns well with high heat and lasts a long time. This wood is great for making firewood.



Beech has high water content and should be well-seasoned before being used to make firewood. When dried properly, beech is able to burn well. It is used in the manufacture of briquettes which can hold heat for long hours.


The wood's bark is resistant to flaking so it won’t make a mess in the yard or your house like other hardwoods.


They can be quite invasive so they make great firewood. Beech chips are perfect for smoking meats, making Budweiser beer.



The best trees to use for fire-making purposes are yellow birch and black birch. Due to their fire retardancy, dense woods such as these will burn for hours on high heat.


They are wonderful indoors. They smell wonderful indoors. It is recommended that you keep it in season for at least two years. White birch is great for lighting kindling, as it is very easy to light. It is not suitable as firewood.


White birch's thin bark, which is almost paper-like in appearance, is water-resistant. This makes white Birch an ideal choice for camping under cold or wet conditions. This characteristic makes it a slow-drying species.



Alder trees, a fast-growing species of birch, are fast-growing. They are also the most common wood used to make charcoal.


Since it grows so fast, it's also a great choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners. Alder blends well with dense hardwoods, such as maple, oak, and beech. This makes it a popular choice for burning wood.



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